Broke / Superpitcher – Speicher 44

Kompakt Extra, 2006

Hi. Blowing is in vogue. Blowing slide flutes that is. Which brings us to the new Superpitcher track »Lick The Pipe« who enlists our dear friend Matias Aguayo who breaks wind full of furious peak-time glory on the mighty slide flute. Welcome to a side of Superpitcher you’ve never witnessed before. Follow this 8 minute snot-bass-opera where our pied piper Aguayo will lead you to the rave. Bizarre and beautiful.

And because it´s a family record, the flipside turns Matias Aguayo into our star attraction, with a co-conspirator along for the ride and also known from the Aguayo solo album, Marcus Rossknecht. They move forward together under the alias Broke. In contradiction to their lasciviously relaxed latin(lover) Techno prose, Broke calls for the peak-time lavishness of the harder sorts. Our two Techno romanticians pull off a convincing move with »Overthat«. Bleeding fat beats play with the sexiness and sway of Aguayo’s distinctive roll.

A Superpitcher – Lick The Pipe
B Broke – Overthat

Release Date: December 18, 2006
Format: 12″ and digital
Catalog Nr: KOM EX 44

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