Broke – We Ain‘t Got It

Kompakt Pop, 2007

For those who do not know: Broke are Matias Aguayo and Rocness. And let’s get straight to the point: No one and nothing sounds alike. Matias Aguayo and Kompakt share a long history full of many outstanding releases like the unforgettable Closer Musik album with Dirk Leyers or Matias’ recent solo album »Are you really lost«. His sexy as hell remix for Michael Mayer’s »Lovefood« ended up being one of Karl Lagerfeld’s favourite tracks (for what it’s worth). After a little bit on the side with a 12″ for London’s versatile Soul Jazz imprint he’s returning back to the mothership.»We Ain’t Got It« and »Coladancer« are two massive, Cumbia-infected techno songs that have been rocking audiences around globe during Broke’s phenomenal live shows. It’s really astonishing how Broke manage to combine the archaic thump of traditional latin american music and state of the art electronic dance music. It’s very different from co-Chileneans Luciano and Ricardo’s percussive, light footed minimal efforts. These are fat & serious grooves that will definitely make those booties shake!

A We Ain’t Got It
B Coladancer

Release Date: November 26, 2007
Format: 12″ and digital
Catalog Nr: KOM POP 11

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