Closer Musik – After Love

Kompakt, 2002

Closer Musik’s two singles have both been big events for us, so the sensation of having a whole album is almost too much. This really is genre stretching stuff, great rhythms, occasional vocals most like the superb Safety Scissors’ ironic offerings on »Parts Water«, yet like Matt managing some kind of alchemy in changing the sparest details into pure gold. Just one listen and you can tell this is a record to return to time and again for fresh inspiration and insights. »Closer Dancer« sets us off, low slung rhythm, like puttering, slightly slow acid, but burning with an oh so nonchalant vocal deployed casually on top. »Departures« has a wondrous analogue warmth to it, and when the strings and hihats kick in, the shift is like Carl Craig at his most almighty. A truly magical moment. »Last« toughens up the beat, scattering rimshots and deep toms, again the comparison could be classic Detroit, but this is altogether more developed and unique than mere imitation. By way of contrast, »Ride« drops us into zero gravity – a mesmerising journey of a tune, and when the refrain vocal comes in, there is something so human and affecting that words are not enough. »Giganten« fits with the pared down nature of some of the tracks, but the groove is just so natural, so addictive that one note is proved conclusively as being more than enough. »Mir« shares parallels with the dirty grooves of early Chicago acid, but finds a new way – rejecting formula and instead using simple elements brilliantly, as if for the first time. There’s just a real sense of something truly fresh here, if you caught the »You don’t know me« twelve from a couple of weeks back, then you may be partly prepared for the span and vision of this record. But believe it or not, this set far exceeds any expectations you may have, like that most unusual of feelings – after love. –BOOMKAT


A1 Closer Dancer
A2 Ride
B1 Last
B2 Departures
C You Don’t Know Me
D1 Giganten
D2 Mir

Release Date: April 02, 2002
Format: 2LP, CD and digital
Catalog Nr: KOMPAKT 55 / CD 16

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