Closer Musik – You Don‘t Know Me

Kompakt, 2002

Having delivered (to our mind) the finest release on the mighty Kompakt label to date in the shape of »One Two Three (No Gravity)«, we were excited at the prospect of the return of the wonderful Closer Musik after an absence of over 2 years. The title track kicks off where »One Two Three« left off: a deep and rotated 4/4 lullaby enveloped in Closer’s melancholy and quasi-broken vocal. The words and voice somehow manage to avoid cliché or the cheese and instead come across as genuine and deeply heartfelt. A startling juxtaposition to the backing track which is full and crunchy in the finest Cologne sense. Following the radio edit on the flip, »Maria« drops in all its multicoloured springtime splendour. Uplifting and impossibly optimistic, this is the sound of Cologne at its loveliest: if the Pet Shop Boys were less camp and rediscovered their talent for writing tunes this is what you’d hope the result would be. Shimmering keys dominate, the beat analogue and perfectly paced. Magnificence once again. –BOOMKAT

Appetizer from the Closer Musik album »After Love«. »You Don’t Know Me« is a very dark and subtle mixture of Minimal Techno, Electro and Pop with very sexy vocals by Closer’s Matias Aguayo and definite underground hit qualities. The exclusive bonus track »Maria« turned out to be one of Kompakt’s biggest secret weapons ever.

A You Don’t Know Me
B1 You Don’t Know Me (Radio Edit)
B2 Maria

Release Date: March 04, 2002
Format: 12″ and digital
Catalog Nr: KOMPAKT 52

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