El Rudo Del House – Round One

Cómeme, 2015

El Rudo Del House is an imaginary creature who speaks to you with a pitched-down voice and produces heavy house rhythms that are engineered to directly trigger the movement of different body parts (body mechanics). His music resonates with the rhythms of everyday life: produced by big iron apparatuses that cross the sky, by voices that yell through speakers in giant halls, by machines of border security and control, the thinly clipped nagging noise of internet spam coming out of unpleasantly limited computer speakers…
El Rudo del House gets rid of all elements that are not made to move your body by:

Shouting out »Agarrate que vai a salir volando!« (Hang on, or you gonna fly off!), warning you that there’s an elephant in your house! Teaching you a dance that is called El Volcanico (The Volcanic). Declaring the disco to be Tomada! (Taken over). El Rudo Del House takes over the club and reclaims its space for the dancers!

All tracks are written and produced by Matias Aguayo. »I invoked El Rudo Del House,« Aguayo proclaims, »and soon there are going to be others possessed by the same spirit.«

Originally inspired by the Elbee Bad question, »Why not just dance through life?«, Aguayo pursued the question leading him to this radical dancing Spirit who says you should confront every situation with dancing, and apply this spirit into your everyday life. El Rudo Del House teaches that when we dance we can become other beings, switch our species… turn into little nervous, jittering muppets or clumsy giants. This attitude in motion can become so contagious that we might even make club bouncers dance! El Rudo will strike four times in 2015, starting mid-February. The four »Rounds« total 16 tracks, with locked grooves of field recordings from Aguayo’s Rudo adventures, on coloured vinyl 12″s. Each Round will feature a life-sized El Rudo mask that you must copy, disseminate to friends, and wear en masse at your gatherings (and Aguayo’s live shows!) to invoke the spirit of El Rudo.

El Rudo del House is the turbulence in your comfortable auto-piloted flight. El Rudo del House is the monster occupying the club, your house, the street, and will be heavily commercially promoted and hopefully eventually sponsored – according to the new underground strategies of marketplace infiltration. Starting now.

The title track and manifesto of the series introduces the rhythm of El Rudo del House, featuring heavy machine drums and powerful moody chords played by airbus jet engines. There are two vocal samples that keep the track going, one female, and one that sounds female.

According to L.A. Williams, Cologne was dubbed ‘Baby Chicago’ by the US – based DJs of the nineties. »At The Gate« is heavily inspired by the spirit of the housekatz from the lesser known Sound of Cologne and the »Lost« parties that Matias Aguayo ran with fellow Cómeme artist Christian S.

»Bay A Sali Bolando« is another track to celebrate the existence of dance music. Here, El Rudo is screaming »Hang on, or you’re gonna fly off!« over a non-stop pounding beat while introducing foot shuffling snare drums.

The closing track »Elefante« is featuring the statement of El Rudo del House: “There’s an elephant in your house.” This track is full of off-beat banging cowbell and cascading tom toms of joy. Perfect for the DJ who likes to create new rhythms when combining two tracks, and great for the dancers who like to get down, but shimmy shoulders at the same time.

Limited to 300 copies on red vinyl.

A1 El Rudo Del House
A2 At The Gate
B1 Bay A Sali Bolando
B2 Elefante

Release Date: March 16, 2015
Format: Coloured 12″ & Digital
Catalog Nr: Cómeme Round One

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