El Rudo Del House – Round Three

Cómeme, 2015

Matias Aguayo gets down to the dancefloor. Originally inspired by the Elbee Bad question, »Why not just dance through life?« Matias Aguayo pursued the question leading him to this radical dancing Spirit, El Rudo del House: an imaginary creature who manifests speaking to you with a pitched-down voice and producing heavy house rhythms that are engineered to directly trigger the movement of different body parts (body mechanics).

El Rudo teaches that you should confront every situation with dance, and apply this approach into your everyday life: When we dance we can become other beings, switch our species… Turn into little nervous, jittering muppets or clumsy giants.

»I invoked El Rudo Del House and soon there are going to be others possessed by the same spirit.« states Matias Aguayo, who wrote and produced all El Rudo del House tracks.

Each mask that is featured on every release of El Rudo del House is related to a dance. »[These dances] were inspired by the shapes of the masks and movements of the creatures they represent,« El Rudo states, »They are the filter between the rhythm and your body to personify the movements of the dance.«

These body movements evoked by the music and magically fitting each characters, are shown in 4 videos that are being released at the time of the EP releases for each Round of El Rudo, and can also be experienced at Matias Aguayo’s live performances when he presents El Rudo del House around the world. The dances are descendants of Aguayo’s primitive dance moves absorbed through years of clubbing experience, and then sophisticated in collaboration with, the London-based choreographer, Alexandra Green.

Prowling through the dance floor and always landing on its feet the Cat vogues to El Gato Disco. (Translating to »The Disco Cat,« of course.) Shaking its tail feathers (and all the rest!) to the snares of Bay A Salí Bolando, the Duck flaps… or is it The Charleston?! Smoothly, the Elephant gets down with heavy sweeping and elegant moves to El Grubb (Translating to »The Groove,« inspired by Ana Helder’s El Groove de Tu Corazón). Robotically, the Man, with tight fists, punches himself through a wooden atmosphere in Trabzon.

It’s the third release of this series, and since the start of this journey to bring the awareness of body mechanics to the masses, El Rudo Del House has experienced a lot of adventures while touring his message – from the clubs and bush of South Africa to the streets and rooftops of New York City to the stage of a multi-coloured fiesta at Vive Latino in Mexico City… You can follow the El Rudo sightings documented on Instagram.

The 12″ comes with an inlay and in coloured vinyl. Limited to 300 copies.

A1 El Grubb
A2 Ven Aqui Que Te Destapo
B1 Chup Chup
B2 El Volcanico

Release Date: May 18, 2015
Format: Coloured 12″ & Digital
Catalog Nr: Cómeme Round Three

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