El Transatlántico

Cómeme, 2013

After »The Power Of Now« and »The Nickel Ride«, Cómeme is again releasing a generous various artist 12″! Six tracks, as much as they could fit onto this vinyl! Featuring residents like Alejandro Paz, Christian S. and Matías Aguayo, plus three artists new to the label: Lechuga Zafiro from Montevideo, Gladkazuka from Medellin and Carisma from Buenos Aires: the subversive »El Untitled« EP.

The beautiful vinyl begins with the stroboscopic and technotic »Muerte Instrumental« by Carisma (Carolina Stegmayer and Ismael Pinkler), a duo of producers and DJs from Buenos Aires, who intensify that legendary city’s nightlife with their glittering, pumping, mysterious and love driven music. Gladkazuka, who appears on this 12 with the title track »El Untitled«, is the third artist from Colombia to release on Cómeme. Medellin has become a centre spot of Cómeme activities, Aguayo, Sano, Gladkazuka and the soon to be released Lord Byron Maiden, have been working there together on new music, that will soon be presented on Cómeme! »El Untitled« by Gladkazuka is pure electric darkness! Pablo de Vargas aka Lechuga Zafiro is the first artist from Uruguay to ever release on Cómeme. 25 years old, living in the capital of Montevideo, where Marihuana has been legalized while the rest of the world is stepping backwards, he is a DJ and web activist who is sharing his tracks and edits generously, focusing often on the Uruguayan Candombe rhythms, which we can also hear in the subtropical »Sapo De Manga«, a track inspired by a song of Uruguayan legends Ruben Rada and Eduardo Mateo. Matías Aguayo is back for more and more releases this year! This is »El Transatlántico«, a hand played cycling ode to the positive techno utopia. After having released one of the most played out EPs on Cómeme with his track »Duro«, Alejandro Paz is back and drops the bomb »El House«, in which he declares that as a grandpa he will still dance to housemusic, with his friends, his grandsons and daughters, and the nurses; Matias Aguayo jammed the 808 on this one. Finally, Christian S gives us »Die Durch die Nase Lachen«, an 808 tool worth gold to a real DJ…

A1 Carisma – Muerte Instrumental
A2 Gladkazuka – El Untitled
A3 Lechuga Zafiro – Sapo De Manga
B1 Matias Aguayo – El Transatlántico
B2 Alejandro Paz – El House
B3 Christian S. – Die Durch Die Nase Lachen

Release Date: May 06, 2013
Format: 12″ and digital
Catalog Nr: Cómeme 022

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