De Papel

Kompakt Pop, 2005

»De Papel« was setting the pace for what was possibly Kompakt’s most physically motivating music to date proving that slow-grooves-better. Anyone who drives faster than 125 will be pulled over, enjoy the journey around 119 bpm, as the sweat will drench your body equally as much if you were travelling this fantastic road at a faster speed and you are destined to come out of it reeking of great sex.
Especially in Max Turner’s mix (The Meteorites), »De Papel« sounds like an uptempo-version of Massive Attack’s »Daydreaming«. Very intense.

This was a pre-release of the album »Are You Really Lost« released in October 2005.

A1 De Papel (Original)
A2 De Papel (Version)
B1 De Papel (feat. Max Turner)
B2 De Papel (Chantal C Remix)

Release Date: September 09, 2005
Format: 12″ and digital
Catalog Nr: KOMPAKT POP 9

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