The 99 Seconds EP

Soul Jazz Records, 2009

Soul Jazz and Kompakt’s Argentianian hero Matias Aguayo aka one half of Closer Musik offers up another plate of confoundingly immense and oddbal rhythm experiments for fans of his indecipherable style. »99 Seconds« is a very odd construction, built from a tumbling Latin/Villalobos debted percussion pallette, castrated horn bleats and the occassional bell hit, you never quite know where you are or where you’re going on this little trip but we can assure you it’s some very strange fun. »Bondhi« on the flip drops the tempo to a sub 120bpm shuffle with rippling conga lines and a pared back approach that places the track somewhere between raw Chicago house and something from the Uwe Schmidt/Atom TM handbook, while final track »Rita« should really spin your head full circle on a 113bpm slo-jak groove through spherical bell rubs, pop flavoured basslines and a subtle taste of avant garde new wave style from the likes of Arthur Russel or Moondog. Awesome. –BOOMKAT

A 99 Seconds
AA1 Bondhi
AA2 Rita

Release Date: March 02, 2009
Format: 12″ and digital
Catalog Nr: SJR 209-12

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