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Cómeme, 2013

It’s been a breakthrough past year for the family known as Cómeme – the collective / record label / radio station helmed by Matias Aguayo and Avril Ceballos. With a firm foundation of emerging artists from around the world propelling the label forward, Cómeme knows no musical boundaries and fits no specific genre but their releases have found their ways into a full spectrum of DJ’s crates ranging from techno tastemakers Michael Mayer, Tim Sweeney and Optimo to Erol Alkan and Boys Noize. To those of you unfamiliar with Matias Aguayo, he remains a core Kompakt recording artist and one of today’s most ambitious music makers and collaborators. Be it from his early days as half of the now legendary techno act Closer Musik, to singing for Battles on their recent hit »Ice Cream«, Aguayo makes Cómeme his platform to work with fellow musicians from around the world and continues to push all notions away if what dictates trend and create his own.

A1 Rrrrr
A2 Dear Inspector
A3 By The Graveyard
B1 Llegó El Don
B2 Una Fiesta Diferente
B3 El Sucu Tucu
C1 Aonde
C2 El Camarón
C3 Do You Wanna Work
D1 Levantate Diegors
D2 Las Cruces
D3 A Certain Spirit

Release Date: June 24, 2013
Format: 2LP and 2CD (w/ Instrumentals)
Catalog Nr: Cómeme LP/CD 03

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