Trabzon / De Oporto A París

Cómeme, 2013

The international dance music label Cómeme presents the third Volume of ONE NIGHT IN CÓMEME! – a new series of compilations including a selection of released tracks, unreleased surprises and alternate versions of Cómeme dance tracks from DJs Pareja, Christian S, Dany F, Alejandro Paz, Ana Helder, Daniel Maloso, Matias Aguayo, Sano, Philipp Gorbachev, The District Union, Capracara and many more!

» (…) one label still promoting the genuinely weird is Cómeme. Started by Matias Aguayo, the imprint has spent the past three years releasing unconventional records that pull from a variety of unusual references. Though now based in Europe, its focus is primarily on releasing material rooted in Latin American cities like Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Xalapa, and Asunción. These places may not have the same connotations as Detroit or Chicago, but the label makes up for it in ingenuity of sound, with a leftfield angle that’s tough-edged and lo-fi-a gritty Latin industrial funk that feels two steps ahead of the present. (…) Its consistent aesthetic and uncompromising attitude is why we loved it in 2009 and still do today.« -XLR8R.COM

1. Ana Helder – El Groove de Tu Corazón (Matias Aguayo Version)
2. Gladkazuka – El Untitled (Sano Pantera Version)
3. Alejandro Paz – Duro (Diegors un poquito más Dub versión)
4. Ana Helder – Eat Me (Carisma Version Feat. Eloy Vicario)
5. Alejandro Paz & The District Union – El Ritmo del Trabajador
6. Matías Aguayo – Trabzon
7. Matías Aguayo – De Oporto a París
8. Djs Pareja & Philipp Gorbachev – Verish
9. Ana Helder – Beating PC
10. Lechuga Zafiro – Sapo de Manga
11. Dany F – El Factor Jack

Release Date: August 16, 2013
Format: Digital
Catalog Nr: Cómeme Compilation Vol. 3

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