Cómeme, 2010

Cómeme label has been specifically formed to highlight artists making dance music in South America. The tracks on the label are inspired and built for their Buenos Aires based Bumbumbox street parties, where makeshift sound systems are built from linked together ghetto blasters. The tracks are tested at the parties, so the music on these records is typically tough, with a South American flavour, there is no place for the cold 4/4 engineering of minimal techno which is primarily made with expensive soundsystems in mind, these tracks are about chunky rhythm, melody and colour, built to cut through under any circumstances without pandering to cliché.

For this Various Artists-Release on Cómeme, Matias Aguayo delivered the tune »Veneno«. Veneno means poison, and the repeated chant of »que saque el veneno« means »bring out the poison«, a chant that Santiago de Chile crowds shout over this track. It’s easy to see why, as the punchy heads down mix of midrange kicks and pitched down bassy toms build under dark tango inspired synths, increasing the dance floor intensity and making bodies move.

A1 Daniel Maloso – Ritmo Especial
A2 Matias Aguayo – Veneno
B1 Christian S. – Jagos
B2 Rebolledo feat. Raquel Wolff – Caminando

Release Date: March 15, 2010
Format: 12″ and digital
Catalog Nr: Cómeme 006

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