Still of Dirty Dancing Video

Spoko & Aguayo – Dirty Dancing

Here comes the videoclip to “Spoko & Aguayo – Dirty Dancing”. It was made by Phatstoki, who describes herself as a “24 year old queer of colour from Soweto (…) photographer, filmmaker and DJ”. I thought it’d be ideal to work with her as I like her pictures and her attitude and she’d be able to deliver a first hand experience of Joburg’s nightlife. In her video she takes us on a dreamy handheld camera trip via CDB, Soweto and Johannesburg North towards something or some place. In a rhythmically swinging narrative we’ll arrive at the bar currently known as Kitcheners, where spirits come out to play – Dirty Dancing.

In her own words: “I wanted the video to be raw/not too pretty, to emphasise on the city itself, and to keep it authentic and maybe give off the idea of looking at familiar spaces a little differently, as I often try to do with my own work.”