Suggestions on how to side with a feminist agenda

1) help on all levels of empowerment in female/trans music production, esp. WoC, become aware of & call out sexist/racist bullying in music

2) if you have a label, commit to have around 50% of female releases and insist on diversity of sexual orientation

3) don’t be complicit when men feel entitled to locker room talk – speak & call out misogyny (also offline)

4) share (technical) knowledge instead of keeping in masculine circles as a tool of power – disrupt power structures!

5) bring up the topic with promoters you work with that don’t prioritise diversity

6) do active research for finding and working with women on all levels in music

7) be an ally in the feminist fight, so: listen learn&help. study existing networks&artists active in the cause (radical & intersectional)

8) don’t fall into trap of mansplaining / whitesplaining  while you push a feminist agenda.

9) develop conscience about male power and privilege and share your insights

10) be aware this fight is never completely won and there is no reason to lean back. we are always subject of change.

11) form networks with equally thinking people and politicise the scene

12) dismantle the myth that there is not enough female producers, search for them, you will find them, play their music, support.

13) follow an agenda of feminist action within the scene, within the structures we create and within the music that we produce.

14) prepare for backlash from conservatives undermining the scene w/ their normativity saying you should stick to music not politics.

15) this list is subject to suggestions, inclusions & critique by women.


August 8, 2016

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